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Integround works with clients in various industry fields, for example construction and service business industries. Integround also works with several IT companies helping them with their integration challenges.

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Appelsiini Finland Oy - Financial reporting through Cloud

When Appelsiini Finland and Elisa Links merged at the turn of the year 2012, Appelsiini’s financial reporting was also renewed. The transformation of financial data and transferring it to the parent company Elisa’s systems was implemented using Integround's cloud-based integration platform. Integration project was a success: it removed manual work from the process and improved the data quality. In addition to this, Appelsiini is now also able to follow the process in real-time.

Elisa’s financial backbone system is SAP and it was one endpoint in this process integration. The optimization of financial administration processes is challenging due to the data criticality, real-time demands and big data amounts. These issues where solved by automatizing the handling of accounting information. Built-in operating and monitoring features in the Integround platform makes it possible to monitor the process in real-time and to react on possible fault situations.

Integround's solution provided the wanted outcome: process is faster, fault situations are at minimum and cost from manual work is cut down to zero.

Appelsiini’s CFO Thomas Lönnqvist is extremely satisfied with the quick implementation and reliability of the process: "This integration to automatize financial administrative process has saved us up to 1-2 work days per month." Also CIO Marko Einamo is satisfied with the solution: "Through this project we gained a strong proof of how easy the platform is to use and how quick the implementation of a new process is."

More information: Fredrik Löfberg CEO, Integround, +358 50 410 6628
Marko Einamo CIO, Appelsiini
Thomas Lönnqvist CFO, Appelsiini

Appelsiini is highly competent finnish IT-service company that work near their customers. From Appelsiini you’ll get all the IT-services from one partner – fast, creative and flexible. Appelsiini understands their customers' business and needs for IT-solutions and offers innovative and state-of-the-art customized solutions for these needs. Efficient processes also guarantee quick production deployments of the solutions.

Integround is specialized in business critical system integrations. Integround develops a cloud-based integration platform to provide cost-efficient and reliable integration solutions for its customers. Integround is a trustworthy partner in business development and business process automatization.