Juha Ryhänen

I’m an experienced integration specialist - over the years I have worked in developer, designer, architect and team leader roles. In addition to traditional integration projects, during last few years I have worked on various master data projects, designed API solutions and also focused on building more efective development processes. I am passionate follower of technology news and especially interested in Microsoft Azure integration capabilities.

I like to work as close to my customers’ organization as possible. I have been responsible for running my customer’s integration environment all the way from plannign integration architecture to managing supplier work. I provide expertise for long term integration architecture development even in situations where organization itself doesn’t have integration competence of it’s own. As an independent consultant I can look after my customers’ interests also in situations when actual integration design and implementation is provided by single vendor.

Working principles:

Examples of my assignments:

You can read my thoughts related to integration technology from my blog: www.juharyhanen.com

Juha Ryhänen
+358 50 543 4543